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FM Kelly & Company, as a debt collector on your behalf will handle any overdue account. We will discuss how best to tailor the action we take to your specific requirements. The services we offer include:

  • Pre-Legal Actions - Furnishing of Demand letters.
  • Issue of Proceedings - A Summons is issued and served on the debtor by post.
  • Substituted Service - If the debtor refuses mail a Court Order is obtained for service by other means.
  • Defended Hearings - Where the debtor defends the action we attend court with you to prove the debt on your behalf.
  • Judgement - In undefended cases we obtain judgment through the Court Office without having to attend court.
  • Foreign Judgments - We can apply to the High Court to have judgments obtained outside Ireland (but within the EU) deemed valid within our jurisdiction.
  • Registration of Judgment -Where appropriate we may Register the judgement in the Trade Gazettes.
  • Lodgement with the Sheriff - He or She is a Court Officer entitled to seize goods to discharge the debt.
  • Enforcement -We obtain a Court Order directing the debtor to pay the debt in fixed instalments.
  • Judgement Mortgage - We can register the judgment as a mortgage on property owned by the debtor.
  • Orders for Sale -We can seek an Order on foot of such a Mortgage to sell property and discharge the debt.
  • Bankruptcy - Where the debtor has sufficient funds we may apply to have him or her declared Bankrupt.
  • Liquidations -We may seek to have a company liquidated.
  • Examination of Company Directors - Where directors are liable for Company debts we will pursue the directors.
  • Investigations - We can initiate private investigations of debtors to provide a financial profile.
  • Tracing - Where debtors have left their address we can employ a tracing agent to establish their current whereabouts.
  • Company Searches - We can supply general and detailed company reports.
  • Review of Agreements -We can review your Agreements or Trading Conditions to ensure that you are adequately protected.

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